50 Low Carb Snacks

  1. hard boiled eggs
  2. peanut butter and celery
  3. nuts
  4. carrot sticks and hummus
  5. ham and cream cheese rollups
  6. pork rinds
  7. cottage cheese
  8. string cheese
  9. sunflower seeds
  10. pepperoni slices and cheese cubes
  11. stuffed mushrooms
  12. turkey and Swiss cheese rollups
  13. baked Parmesan crisps
  14. bacon slices
  15. beef or turkey jerky
  16. bacon and cream cheese bites
  17. pickles and cheddar cheese slices
  18. meatballs
  19. bacon, lettuce, and tomato wraps
  20. tuna and lettuce wraps
  21. asparagus and bacon bundles
  22. plain, full fat yogurt
  23. cucumbers and ranch dip
  24. turkey bacon
  25. lunch meats
  26. sugar-free chocolate
  27. tuna on tomato slices
  28. shredded cheddar baked crisps
  29. pepperoni sticks
  30. zucchini pizza bites
  31. cauliflower and ranch dip
  32. broccoli and cheese dip
  33. avocado slices
  34. edamame, roasted
  35. tuna on cucumber slices
  36. veggies and guacamole
  37. jalapeno and cream cheese poppers
  38. little smokies
  39. bacon and cheddar zucchini bites
  40. zucchini chips
  41. cucumber sandwiches
  42. bacon wrapped chicken bites
  43. pizza stuffed green peppers
  44. Philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers
  45. celery and cottage cheese
  46. celery and cream cheese
  47. bacon-wrapped artichoke hearts
  48. cauliflower crisps
  49. deviled eggs
  50. egg salad wrapped in lettuce
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  1. Kirstin says:

    This is a great list. Just pinned it so I can remember…We’ve been on a continued journey of healthier eating..unfortunately my exercise routine has taken a nose dive and I’ve added 10 pounds to the already overweight pounds….so working on getting back on track with exercise and even better eating.

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